30/1/07 Water Projects in Nigeria

Thank you Mr Deputy Speaker for the opportunity to speak about water projects in Nigeria.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Nigeria, of which I am Chair, has visited Nigeria twice in the past two years. During our last delegation we talked to several communities for whom the supply of clean water was a challenge. Indeed, we know from statistics that these communities are far from unusual. According to UNICEF, under half of the people of Nigeria have access to safe water, and even fewer have access to adequate sanitation.

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9/1/07 Welfare Reform 3rd Reading

I wish to speak to amendments Nos. 98 and 99, which I tabled. I will be brief because I, if not everyone else, wish to comment on other groups of amendments.
The amendments are quite important. They would insert new provisions in paragraphs 1 and 9 of schedule 2. Amendment No. 99 would allow regulations to make provision
“for a person to be treated as having a limited capability for work-related activity where it has been decided that he does not have a limited capability for work-related activity but he is appealing against that decision.”

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