Prime Minister Gordon Brown

On Wednesday 27 June Prime Minister Rt Hon Tony Blair MP stood down as the country’s Prime Minister after 10 years in office.  This paved the way for a new British Prime Minister, Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP who has been the Chancellor since 1997.

Tony Blair visited Buckingham Palace on Wednesday afternoon for his audience with the Queen to formally resign his position as Prime Minister.  Later that afternoon the Queen summoned Gordon Brown MP to the palace to ask him to form a Government.

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John Robertson welcomes the new Labour Party Leader and Prime Minister, Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP

John Robertson welcomes Gordon BrownOn Sunday 24 June 2007 I was down in Manchester to see the change of Labour Party leader from Tony Blair to Gordon Brown.

I write now to tell you a little bit more about Gordon Brown, our new Prime Minister and what

this change of leadership will mean for our community here in Glasgow North West

I’ve known Gordon well for many years and it has been a pleasure working with him down at Westminster. I am

proud that I supported Gordon to become Prime Minister because I know that he offers a new government with

new priorities.

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