All Party Nuclear Energy Group submit a response to the Government Consultation on the Future of Nuclear Power

Today the All Party Parliamentary Nuclear Energy Group, of which I am Chair, submitted a response to the Government’s public consultation on the Future of Nuclear Power.

You can read the response on our website –

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Chancellor’s First Pre Budget Report

Chancellor Alastair Darling’s first pre budget report

Today the Chancellor, Rt Hon Alastair Darling MP delivered his first pre budget report to the House of Commons.

Raising the aspirations of all British people, he signalled a move to lift 50,000 more children lifted out of poverty.

“The poorest parents receiving child maintenance will now benefit for up to £20 extra per week, doubling to £40 in 2010.”

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Facebook – the social networking phenomenon that has hit schools, colleges and households has finally made its way to the Houses of Parliament. Yes that’s right Members of Parliament and Members of the House of Lords, Members of the Scottish Parliament, European Parliament and Welsh Assembly have all succumbed to the calls of facebook.

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