24/4/08 DCMS Select Committee Report into Ticket Touting

Debate in the House of Commons on the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee Report into Ticket Touting – 24th April 2008

As we have heard today one question the report poses is “What is ticket touting”. I think most people would be fairly clear that a tout buys tickets and exploits demand in order to sell them at a profit.

In my view, the Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport was absolutely right when he said that this “doesn’t add anything to the cultural life of the country, but instead leaches off it and denies access to those who are least able to afford tickets.”

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Newsletter April 2008

Launch of Employment Retention Campaign

Employment Retention Bill

In the last newsletter I mentioned that I would be bringing a Bill of my own before Parliament in an attempt to change the law for disabled people in work. The Bill I have put together would introduce a right for someone who becomes disabled whilst in employment to have an assessment by a healthcare professional to establish their condition and the support that would enable them to remain in work. It would also provide a right to a period of leave for rehabilitation or retraining for a disabled person where this is appropriate.

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