Thank you for voting

I was re-elected to represent Glasgow North West at Westminster, an office I have held since 2000 when I was elected MP of Glasgow Anniesland following the very sad death of my friend Donald Dewar.

I must thank those 19,233 people who chose to vote for me and return me as their MP. I also want to assure all my constituents that, whether or not I was your first choice, you will have tireless and professional service from me and my staff between now and the next General Election.
I was returned with a majority of 13,611 votes, or 38.3%. This is an increase of almost 9% from the 2005 General Election.

35,582 votes were cast, an increase of 3.1% from the 2005 election.

I must also thank the fantastic team of volunteers, party workers who turned out to help. I have never been involved in such a positive and energetic campaign. I really enjoyed getting around the constituents and visiting schools like that of St Thomas Aquinas where I took part in a very memorable Q&A with their students.

Turnout in Labour areas in particular was the best in years. I hope this is because people feel they can trust me to represent their best interests after 10 years. But it was also a response to the divisive and extremist policies of the Tories nationally, and the foresight to see through Lib Dem false promises.

So what next?

With the national situation so volatile, it is important that we hang onto clear principles. Labour’s commitment remains the same whether in power or not: to cut the deficit without cutting vital services. While we acknowledge the importance of halving the deficit over the next four years jobs must be protected.

Locally, my job is more straightforward. I will work with residents and community groups in Glasgow North West to make sure their voices are heard at Westminster. And through my weekly surgeries around the constituency and my casework team at Dalsetta Avenue I will deal quickly and efficiently with the issues constituents need to raise.

Please get in touch if I can help you or your family.