Hyndland Primary Scottish Poetry Recital

I was also delighted to be invited as a guest of and a judge for a Scottish Poetry Recital Competition at Hyndland Primary.

The variety, depth and quality of the recitals by all the young people, of all year groups, is a great credit to the pupils and all the staff in the school.

Sorry for any inconvenience

I must apologise for any inconvenience but I have been in hospital recently and had to have an operation on my eye. It came about rather suddenly and I am only getting back to work. My staff will be operating the office as usual but I apologise in advance for any delay!

Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

I have been in the local newspapers this month concerning cuts to DLA as I tabled an amendment to the previous Government’s Welfare Reform Bill, which is due to come in to place in April this year, that enables blind people to claim the Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

This change I managed to achieve only costs £12million to set up and then a mere £47 million pound a year to run, which is a very small amount of the welfare budget, hence why I managed to get the change through.

However, I am angry at the prospect that it may become defunct only two years after it has been implemented if the new Tory-led Government proceeds with the proposals in the current consultation on a new assessment for DLA, which proposes to remove the amendment that I successfully tabled to the Welfare Reform Act 2009.

Not only will this mean a waste of tax payers money spent on this scheme, but also that around 20,000 of the most vulnerable blind people across the UK could lose out. Of these 2,000 are in Scotland and 300 people alone in Glasgow would receive and then lose this support. This is a cold hearted and cynical approach to welfare policy and I am furious at what appears to be a very silly decision.

I am doing all I can to stop this from happening, so watch this space for more news…