No to AV

I will be voting No to AV on the 5th May, as I believe First Past the Post is the best of all the other voting systems available. And also if the Yes vote is successful it will be seen as a win for the Lib Dems and after the betrayal they have engaged in over the last year, the last thing they deserve is some sort of reward…

This video below sums up my feelings towards AV:

So if you want to show the Lib Dems how you feel, follow me in voting No to AV!

One Response to “No to AV”

  1. Dear John,

    Very disappointed to find my local Labour MP campaigning against fairer votes. Will not be voting for you again in the next election. Please try and think long term towards delivering a proportional system of voting, (hopefully AV is a step in the right direction towards PR) rather than trying to give the Lib Dems a kicking in the short term.

    Scotland has an excellent voting system for its Parliament, why should we be denied the same in the UK parliament?

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