Evidence given to the ECC Select Committee today paints a stark picture for energy policy in a Independent Scotland.

According to Peter Atherton of Citigroup Global Markets, investing in Scottish renewables in an independent Scotland would become “Highly Questionable”.

Speaking about the UK wide support mechanism for renewable energy, and if it would continue in an independent Scotland Mr Atherton said:

“All the Corporates that we have spoken to in the last few months have said they will not progress with offshore wind projects unless we get that certainty”

Mr. Atherton added:

“The future UK Government has lots of choices and doesn’t have to buy the power from Scotland because there is something magical about that power; and it is not cheaper by and large than building it off the coast of Wales or buying it from elsewhere”.

This view was supported by Robert Yates of AF-Mercados EMI (who have Edinburgh offices), who added on the details of energy policy in an independent Scotland on trading ROCs:

“…the Scottish Government has not fully understood the implications and think they are locked into the UK in a way the EU Directive does not envisage.”

My opinion on all this that was covered in the Herald this week and other areas is that:

If last week’s evidence by Mr Ewing is anything to go by then Mr Yates is probably correct in his assessment that the Scottish Government has not understood the implications on energy policy if Scotland goes independent.

Last week we saw that the SNP put independence over the interests of Glasgow by hiding information regarding energy policy, and now this week we discover they put independence over the interests of the Scottish people by ignoring information regarding energy policy.

The Scottish Government seems to be deluded to think that UK customers would buy energy from an independent Scotland rather than the cheapest supply, and the SNP want to ignore the experts on this issue for ideological dreams of independence.

The SNP are so fanatically obsessed with independence that they don’t seem to care even when experts are suggesting that it may undermine the Scottish people. Does the SNP value independence higher than what’s best for Scots? On energy policy it growingly appears so.

An independent Scotland would be welcomed with open arms by big European energy companies looking to cash in at our expense on supplying the rest of the UK with energy. How is that good for Scotland?

The SNP wants all the benefits that comes from UK energy policy, but from being outside the UK. They ignore too, any knock on effects that the experts warn of by changes in a future UK’s energy policy that could disproportionately affect Scotland. It’s just crazy.

St Pauls Primary School’s Glasgow Song

I recently visited St Pauls Primary School and watched them perform this song off the record they have made and gave me a copy of. I was really impressed and would like to share it on my website. As a proud Glaswegian I think this is a great song for our great city; and I am even prouder that it was pupils in Glasgow North West who sing it so perfectly!


Energy and Climate Change Select Committee work

I am on the Energy and Climate Change (ECC) Select Committee and we are currently looking into the ‘Impact of potential Scottish independence on energy and climate change’. Today we discussed the topic of the value of future oil and gas revenues, whether these could accrue to the Scottish government if Scotland became independent, and the workability of creating an ‘oil fund’ or ‘sovereign wealth fund':

  • The implications of potential Scottish independence for energy security and cross-border markets
  • The likely impact of independence on energy prices north and south of the border
  • The implications of independence for a separate Scotland, and for the remainder of the UK, in achieving climate change objectives, including the legally binding target of 15% of energy from renewable sources by 2020

Please feel free to watch below: