Preparation for personal independence payments

Last night I led a debate in Parliament on preparing for personal independence payments.

In April 2013, the Government will begin replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) with personal independence payments (PIPs). With half a million people set to lose out, I called for the debate in order to make sure that things are done properly. I questioned the Disabled People Minister, Esther McVey, about the assessment process and the concerns that face-to-face assessments will disadvantage some applicants. I also asked her how long DLA claimants, who were not eligible for PIPs, would be given to find a new source of income. She avoided this question, which I am sure will disappoint many DLA claimants who are worrying about this happening to them.

If you have any concerns about PIPs, please do get in touch with me or my office.

You can see the video of the debate here: Westminster Hall Debate on \’Preparation for Personal Independence Payments\’

A full transcript of the debate is available here.

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  1. What a shame personal independent payments are.
    Are 16 year old is having to start a new claim due to now going from dla to pip because he is 16. Because I filled in the form and said that I act on his behalf he now has to have someone to come out to assess him to see if he needs someone to fill in forms and look after his finances.

    He has 40 one to one at school where they read and write for him he has a toilet that washes and drys him and a wetroom for his needs a wheel chair as not able to walk long distances hand rails on stairs as unsteady on feet

    He has spastic diplegia,Orleans syndrome, epilepsy,short term memory loss, aurtium and Aspergers and on top of all that not many friends and they are 16 yet although Martin 16 due to his problems his more a 9 to 10 year old and some times people find his speech hard to understand so puts them off he struggles to make friends as it is bless him

    Anyway we had martins form for dla but due to my mum diagnosed with cancer and then needing an op and chemo for was a bit late back so they said now has to be new claim

    Martin was on high rate personal care and high rate mobility and I got high carers for him he now get nothing as having to start new claim we get told different information all the time was told form had been sent so someone could come our to assess if Martin needs me to look after filling in of forms etc when I chased it up two weeks later as nothing was told to phone the assess for date only for them to tell me no requested had been sent I had to chase it up now been told she will be out on 6 August but will take 3 weeks to get her report then I have to fill in another form about martins problem just like first one he has had no money now for two months it will be four by time they start to look at his claim we has two adopted children to support an 18 year old and Martin and are struggling and so asked our mo to help Laura Sandys one of her team Amy Taylor said after it had been 1 weeks of not hearing from mp get Martin to sign form so you can acted on his behalf then 2 weeks later phoned Amy said we are struggling now only for her to say rest assured Laura is interested and gone to terry Moran the main man yet he’s not anymore was told by another mp this Amy also said I’m sorry to hear of your struggle but once they sort out claim will be back dated thanks Amy

    How many more treated like this it’s a shame surly it’s illegal to leave Martin with nothing after seeing in the past he has had high rate dla they have his paper work yet just treat him like dirt a and lie

    All it does is put stress on all the family as well as Martin and that does not help him medically or help with his confidence

    Who do we turn to when our own mp not even bothered

    Mrs sayer

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